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What is arise?

Got questions?
Hopefully this page will clear things up!

ARISE is a Christian renewal movement affiliated with the ”NC Presbyterian Pilgrimage” movement and is based on the Lutheran “Teens Encountering Christ” movement. An ARISE retreat is an encounter with Christ in which the participants become part of a community abounding in God’s grace. It is a weekend based on faith building and strengthening of relationships both with Christ and other youth. ARISE is a God centered community, in which a wide variety of youth grow together in fun, fellowship and worship of Jesus Christ. On your journey of faith, ARISE is a stepping stone that can give you an awareness of your responsibilities as a Christian.

What do you do on an arise Weekend?

During the three days of an ARISE weekend, youth and adults come together from all over North Carolina to grow in their faith. They hear thirteen talks, five given by ordained ministers, the rest by youth just like themselves, who have previously attended this weekend. The talks encompass many aspects of the Christian walk: faith, growth, God’s blessings, and many more.

Guests sit with the same small group for the whole weekend and discuss themes, as well as their own reactions to the talks they hear. Sitting in these small groups is a very important aspect of the weekend; guests develop strong Christian friendships with those sitting at their table. Guests also participate in various services of healing and renewal in order to restore and grow in their relationships with Christ. The weekend also includes chapel and communion each day, prayer, music, singing, and of course laughter.

Who May Go on An Arise Weekend?

The weekend is open to young men and women ages fourteen and up from any denominational background. An ARISE weekend is not meant to convert anyone to Christianity; it is meant for those

who have committed to Christ already. It is a weekend aimed at encouraging Christians to grow in faith, and increase their awareness and desire to serve the Lord. Adults are welcome and encouraged to get involved as well; they are a vital part of the community and should attend as a guest before serving on a team.

Those present at the weekend who have attended a previous ARISE are called “the team”. Their responsibility is to serve the guests in every way.

How much does it cost?

The weekend costs $150 (if paying through the website/PayPal there is a $5 service fee making the total $155), which covers food, lodging, and the supplies for the weekend. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to pay the entire amount of the weekend.

When & How Do I get to an arise weekend?

ARISE holds two weekends a year, one on Martin Luther King weekend in January and one Labor Day weekend in September. ARISE uses camps in Central and Eastern parts of North Carolina. Weekends for guests start at 9AM Saturday morning and conclude at 3PM Monday afternoon.

To attend a weekend you should talk to your pastor or youth leader and you will need a sponsor. The sponsor is an ARISE member who has previously attended a weekend and can help you with the application and prepare you for the weekend.

what happens after an arise weekend?

A few weeks after each weekend the entire ARISE community gets together at a central location just south of Greensboro for Community Day, where we connect with Risers (that’s all of us who have completed a weekend), have a chance to form reunion groups, share a meal together, and worship together.

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